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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide Linens?  

We offer linens to rent for an additional fee. 90 inch white linens (mid-length) are $400.00 and 120 inch white linens (floor-length) are $550.00.  Prices are subject to market change.  Linens include all tables - round & rectangles.


What is included in the rental price?

Use of the ceremony barn, reception hall, and white house are included in the price.  The price does not change if you choose not to use all three buildings (example: ceremony off-site).  

Do you have an outdoor area for ceremonies?

Unfortunately, no. All ceremonies are held in the ceremony barn.  We do not have an outdoor area for ceremonies.  

Who sets up tables and chairs?

Lilac Acres staff will setup tables and chairs prior to your arrival the day of your event. 


Do you have a bar minimum?  

Yes, Friday & Saturdays are $1500.00 and Sunday through Thursday are $1000.00.  Lilac Acres bartending staff will be there throughout your event. No outside bartending services are allowed. Generally 2-3 bartenders are on-site but it may vary depending on event size.  There is a 20% service fee and 5.1% sales tax added to all bar packages.


Do you host events other than weddings?  

Yes. There is a $2000.00 flat fee for 8 hours.  Within the 8 hours (1) hour is for set up and (1) hour is for cleanup.  We only host non-wedding events Sunday through Thursday.  

Do you allow food trucks?  

Appetizers = Yes

Dinner = No

Desert = Yes

Please remember, you are required to have professional services actively clearing plates, silverware, buffets, etc.. Most food trucks do not offer these services. If you choose a food truck for any part of your meal, you will be required to provide information of the company that will be performing the clean-up services. 

Do you have preferred caters?  

We have a list of recommended caterers that provide a wide range of meal selections and prices. Caterers on our list come highly recommended from previous guests and have ample experience working at Lilac Acres. However, you may choose to use a caterer that is not listed. Caterers selected that are not on our recommended list will need to be approved by Lilac Acres staff. This includes submitting license and insurance information. In addition, ALL caterers must have a wait staff actively clearing plates, silverware, buffets, etc. (sorry, but this cannot be the responsibility of your guests, family, friends, etc.) 


Do you offer a water or coffee service?  

No, we do not offer water services at guest tables or have a coffee station.  Self-serve water canters will be available at the bar or bartenders will be happy to serve your guests water individually upon request. Please work with your caterer for coffee services. 

Who is responsible for set up and take down?  

All couples must designate someone for set up and take down at the end of the night.  We highly suggest the bride, groom, and wedding party are not designated for this activity.  Professional day-of coordinators are a great option.  All personal items need to be removed from the reception hall at the end of the evening.  This means all center pieces and décor.  Lilac Acres will clean/dispose of everything bar related.  Anything left in the reception barn will be thrown away before our next event.  

Do all buildings have Heat & AC?

Reception Hall = Yes

Ceremony Barn = No

White House = Yes

The ceremony barn does not have heat or air conditioning. Please take this into consideration on the day you choose to get married. We have (2) large fans and (2) barn doors for air to flow through.  But, no heat source for the winter months.  

Can we bring in our own beer or liquor?

No.  Lilac Acres has a fully licensed bar. Any and all alcohol will need to be purchased through Lilac Acres.  Carry-ins by hosts or guests are not allowed and this will be enforced through Lilac Acres staff. Please respect the rules and keep any and all alcohol that is not purchased through Lilac Acres off the property.  Party favors cannot be made of or contain alcohol. 

Can I have my pet in my ceremony?  

Yes, you're welcome to have your pet be part of your ceremony.  We understand furry friends are part of your family. With this said, they are not allowed in the white house or reception hall at any time.  Please find them a ride home after the ceremony/pictures so, they are not left in the ceremony barn unattended.  (pets are prohibited to be around food).

What is your capacity?  

Our capacity is 150 (guests and hosts) for the ceremony barn & reception hall. Professional services (caterers, DJ, photographers) are not included in the 150 capacity.   

How many round tables and chairs do you have? 

To answer this, we'll need to understand how your caterer intends to serve dinner, what type of head table you'd like, and how many guests will be attending. For example:  if you have a buffet with 150 people you will need 15 tables of 10 chairs at each table (this is only at full capacity).  If you're doing a plated dinner or family style we can fit roughly 18 tables with 8-10 chairs at each table.  

How do your rehearsals work? 

Rehearsals are almost always done on Thursday evenings.  These are non-staffed events.  All couples are allotted a one-hour block (made by reservation) to rehearse in the ceremony barn. We do not host any kind of dinner on site for rehearsals - it is strictly a walk-through of your ceremony.  All rehearsal times (one-hour blocks) are reserved first come first serve.  The white house will be open for guests to use the restroom.  Guests are not required/asked to close buildings or turn off lights upon completion of your rehearsal. The reception hall will be closed during rehearsals. 

Do we meet again after booking our wedding with Lilac Acres?  

Yes!  We will request a final sit-down meeting 30-45 days out from your wedding to go through final details.  Much of what we discuss will require you to know your final guest count. Please keep this in mind as we contact you.  This is also when you'll be asked to make your final payment for your wedding.  We discuss the timing of your day, who you have chosen as your vendors, bar package selection, and your table layout. 

What time do we have access to the property? 

All buildings (white house, ceremony barn, & reception hall) are open at 12:00pm the day of your event.  

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